Blur – Sir Elton Johns Cock chords


| C | Am/C | C | Am/C |


CAnd now
Am/CThe world's to end
COh well
Am/CAt the end
C Am/CBut I know
Em FMyself won't be there
Em F GWhen everything overflows
C* C* Am/C* Am/C*E|---0---0-|---0---0-|---0---0-|---0---0-|B|-1---1---|-1---1---|-1---1---|-1---1---|G|-0-------|-0-------|-2-------|-2-------| [x2]D|-2-------|-2-------|-2-------|-2-------|A|-3-------|-3-------|-3-------|-3-------|E|-x-------|-x-------|-x-------|-x-------|
C* Am/C*I won't say goodbye my friend
C*No no
Am/CNot goodbye my friend
C Am/C'cause tomorrow
Em FWill be a full day
Em F G C*And we will have to go
F G CYeah we will not have to go
------- Key ------- C & Am/C -- Play chord without arpeggiation. C* & Am/C* -- Play chord as it is played in the break, with arpeggiation on the B and E strings.
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