Bring Me The Horizon – I Don't Know What To Say chords

[Verse 1]
Cm Cm7 BbI'll see you at the gates when it gets dark
EbYou jump the wall, Ill find a place to park
C Cm BbKill the angels if they're keeping guard
Ebmaj7 Eb Gm Cm Bb EbHow do I start when you don't know what to say?
F Gm CmNo, I don€™t know what to say
Bb Eb [Verse 2]
Cm BbYou said the world's already full enough
Eb FOf defeated people and you would not be one
Gm Cm BbAlways a choice to move yourself along
Eb Gm Cm Bb EbAnd find better and I hope that's where you are
GmYeah, I know that's where you are
Cm Bb Eb [Verse 3]
GmA doppelganger with a telling scar
EbI saw the universe hidden in your heart
GmWish I told you this before it got too dark
Fm Cm GmWhere do you start when you know it has to end?
C Cm Bb Eb Gm Cm Bb Eb x2 [Bridge]
CmHow a flower in the rain
Bb EbOnly grows more when it's grey
CmYou just shined on brighter
Bb EbMaking gold out of the pain
Cm"I can die, but I can't break," you said
Bb Eb"You can rule, I won't obey"
CmAs long as I'm still smiling
F EbWell, I don€™t know what to say
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