Cady Groves – Phoenix chords

I'm still trying to figure out the rest of the song, but this is the chorus and i 
think it is right. Please let me know if you have any changes! (This is also my first tab.)
Capo on 1st
DCHORUS: you left me wide-eyed
D Em7waiting all summer for you to come back
from california and
Amake the move to
Asus2seal the deal on you and me
D Em7 Asus2 A
A Dwe made it one month
Dtill you started pushing
Em7on the part of your life
you really know you should've
Asus2it was clear you
Em7 Dregretted coming here with me
D Em7 Asus2 A
Ayou left me
Em7closed eyed
Gadd9so i couldn't see
Asus2 Em7and soon after i was swallowed by the city and
Dspit out
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