The Opener chords with lyrics by Camp Cope - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Camp Cope – The Opener chords

G C x4

G CTell me you never wanna see me again
G CAnd then keep showing up at my house
G CTell me you'll never be in love again
G CNow you're walking round with someone else
G CIf I was hungry then you were starving
G CAnd he was so sick but you were dying
G CIf I was hungry then you were starving
G CNow tell the dead man that you're the one dying
G CTreat them like queens until they disagree
GAnd never reflect to think 'wait, maybe the problem was me'
G CNah, man, just keep smoking weed
G C GTell this one 'yeah they were all crazy, unlike you baby.'
G CTell me that no one knows me like you do
G CAnd tell me that my friends don't tell me the truth
G C GAnd maybe I'll come crawling back to you
CLike, that was your plan, right?
G CYou worked so hard but we were 'just lucky'
G CTo ride those coat tails into infinity
G CAnd all my success has got nothing to do with me
G C GYeah, tell me again how there just aren't that many girls in the music scene
C GIt's another preaching equality
C GIt's another straight cis man who knows more about this than me
C G CIt's another man telling us we're missing a frequency, show 'em Kelly
G CIt's another man telling us we can't fill up the room
G CIt's another man telling us to book a smaller venue
G C'Nah, hey, cmon girls we're only thinking about you'
G C G C EmWell, see how far we've come not listening to you
G C G C"Yeah, just get a female opener, that'll fill the quota."
[Outro] G C G
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