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CANDLE BOX - LUCY from the album LUCY
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One of the better songs on the alb–m
I just tabbed out the rythm guitar wich isn't very hard to play

I'm sorry for the weird notation! But i don't know the names of
most of the chords (never had a guitar lesson in my life) so
i wrote the down this way!

Intro :   E C ?C?       repeated

chords: E C ?C?e|-0-|-0-|-0-| now i'm sure he plays the ?C? thingB|-0-|-1-|-3-| it sounds very nice (especially ifG|-1-|-0-|-0-| you slide up from the C to the ?C? thing)D|-2-|-2-|-4-| (like he does)A|-2-|-3-|-5-|E|-0-|-0-|-0-|
lyrics over E C ?C? part - Another lie for us to live in - Pages pick it up anytime she likes - Another life for her to put down, pick it up, pick it up - Anytime she might find enough to,enough to get her high during the last sentance the bass playes a loop that goes something like this (it sounds pretty cool on guitar too) E: -(0)-0--6-0-5-3-1-0--0--- chord progression for the next part:
E ? A Ge|---|---|---|---|B|---|---|---|---| PART AG|-1-|-7-|-6-|-4-|D|-2-|-8-|-7-|-5-|A|-2-|-8-|-7-|-5-|E|-0-|-6-|-5-|-3-|
lyrics: - And i'll get her high - Turn it off i found her weakness - Boxes filled with memories shavings - Lead into something better - I heard it yesterday - It's old news my friend - She's broken hearted chord progression for the next part:
e|----|---|---|---|B|----|---|---|---| PART BG|-10-|-5-|-7-|---|D|-11-|-6-|-8-|---|A|-11-|-6-|-8-|---|E|-9--|-4-|-6-|---|
lyrics: - I know ,she'd seen it all along, - She's better off lately - They said it's all she's after - easytime, every time - can't she feel it? - Has it all been wasted? - can we see her one last time The next part get's played just before he jumps back into the E C ?C? rythm (just once) over the lyrics- can we seen her one last time
e|---|---|---| PART CB|---|---|---|G|-9-|-4-|-1-|D|-10|-5-|-2-|A|-10|-5-|-2-| (not sure bout the firt chordE|-8-|-3-|-0-| but i think it's right)
Then he goes to the E C part again (intro) no lyrics PART A lyrics - Another lie for her to live in - Breakdowns, pull her out and knock us down everytime - Another time for her to find out - She'll let it go blue - And the she'll fall down gently, - Until she's broken hearted PART B lyrics - I know she'd seen it all along - She's better of lately - They said it's all she's after - easytime, everytime - can't she feel it? - Has it all been wasted? - Can't she feel it one last time? - Can't she feel it? PART C PART B PART C
the next part is a bit tricky with the slides but i think it's correct(sounds correct to me anyway)e|-------------------------------------------------------|B|-------------------------------------------------------|G|---6-x-x---------------up----6-x-x---------------up----|D|-7-7-x-x-5/7/9/12--11--11--7-7-x-x--5/7/9/12-11--11-7--|A|-7-7-x-x-5/7/9/12--11--11--7-7-x-x--5/7/9/12-11--11-7--|E|-5-------3/5/7/10--8---8---5--------3/5/7/10-8---8--5--|
lyrics: - So when she lays here head down - Do you read all the thoughts that she feeds aloud - She can ,she can see through - And when she's played out, - All the dreams that she thought she could dream about, - She can ,she can see through - And when she's played out, - All the dreams that she thought she could dream about, PART B lyrics: - Do you feel,do you feel,do you feel - Do you feel the need to break free? PART C lyrics: - Is it all she's made of..... PART A then the E C PART again up = strum upwards THE END
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