Cascades - Angel On My Shoulder chords

COMPOSER: Shelby & Filadt
ARTIST: The Cascades

Intro: F(/C), F-; (2x)

FGot an angel on my shoulder
Got a penny in my pocket
GmAnd I found four-leaf clover
C7 FAnd I put it in my wallet.
FWished on all the stars above me
And I caught the nearest rainbow
GmGonna find someone to love me
C7 F-Bb-FGonna find someone to love
Cm F Bb Well I tossed a lot o' nickels in a wishing well
Gm C And saved the fortunes that
F the fortune cookies tell
Cm F Bb I've got a lucky penny and a mustard seed
G(7) C But a warm and tender love is all I need
FAnd I want a love that lingers
And is stronger through and through
GmSo I'm gonna cross my fingers
C7 F AmThat I find a girl to love me true
Bb C7 F-Bb-F And I'm gonna love her, too.
(Repeat Chorus) (Repeat last stanza except last word)
F … too
C7 FAnd I'm gonna love her, too. (3x)
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