Cascades – Lucky Guy chords

LUCKY GUY - Cascades
(De Vorzon-Chandler)

Intro: D – Daug – G – A-

D DaugLucky guy, you’re the one she’s thinking of,
G GmAnd that’s easy to see.
D D7Lucky guy, you’re the one who has her love
G AWhen it used to be me.
Bm GDo you know that there once was a time
D BmWhen she said, said she’d always be mine?
G AOh, that’s when my friend said I
D-Daug – G-A-Was such a lucky guy.
D DaugLucky guy, now she’s yours and yours alone,
G GmWhile I watch from afar.
D D7Lucky guy, how I wonder if you know
G AJust how lucky you are.
Bm G DOh, if I hadn’t been such a fool, she’s be mine,
BmShe’ll still love me, not you.
G A D-A-Oh, I’d give anything if I were still the lucky guy.
AD LIB: D#-D#aug-G#-G#m-D#- D#7- G#-A#
Cm G# D#Oh, if I hadn’t been such a fool, she’d be mine,
Cm G#She’ll still love me, not you, Oh, she’d love only me,
A# D#-D#aug G#- And I would be the lucky guy, A# D#-D#aug G#- I’d be the lucky guy. (3x)
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