Cast – Four Walls tab

"Four Walls" by Cast, from the debut album 'All Change' (1995)

Lyrics and Music by John Power. This is taken from the official chord book for
the album so should be how it's played.

Tune down half a step, or alternatively, play everything one fret down in barre chord form.


Am7                  G           D
These four walls are destined to stay
Am7                         G           D
They say I'm guilty and the guilty must pay
Am7                        G        D
But all I'm asking is to have a' my say
Am7                             G    D
D'you think I'll ever get out?


Dm7              G7
Will I ever get out of here?
C                 Am7
Will I ever push down my fears?
Dm7               G7
Will I ever see through my tears?
C                D        E       Abm7
Will I ever get out of hear tonight?

Verse 2:
The sands of time are falling right through my hands
Can't make no sense and I can't make no plans
But all I'm asking is to lend me your hand
Come on, help me get out

Instrumental (Verse chords)

Verse 3:
So at last, I'm feeling the pain
Can't take the weight and I can't take the strain
Can't see the future and I can't see no gain
Will I ever get out?


         Am7       C    G      Am7         C     G
Well I guess I'll never know, guess I'll never know
Am7            C     G
I guess I'll never know
      F         Am7     G        F         Am7     G
am I free am I free to go? am I free am i free to go?
I don't know
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