Cathy Davey – Dog tab


Dog-Cathy Davey
Album:The Nameless


Your name is gold with diamonds underneath
My name is coal with cheapy copper leaf

    B A G#       A G# F#
And yeah we were doomed, we were doomed, we were doomed

Careful now, just a little rock Your head is open and lets in all the light Now would you throw your illumination all over this hot head of mine Yeah we were doomed, but doom had it's own relief Build up, build up a wall to set you free Chorus:
Oh, and it go Oh, and it go Oh, and it go Like a dog Or a rat Like a dog Verse 2: (same as before) My arms are open for something I don' t want to think And will you think they'd invent some puppet to cradle your heart as it breaks Could you be a pet and just squeeze one out of your eye I can see you through the waterfall, to me you look perfectly dry The outro is a variation of the notes played in the verse
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