Cathy Davey – Little Red tab

Cathy Davey-Little Red
Album: The Nameless

Tabbed by: L.A Rai

Great song :D

Hey I, I wouldn't let him in No I, I wouldn't, I wouldn't let him in His eyes are close together, and he wears a toothy grin Don't let him in No, I wouldn't if I were you let him in Don't you, don't let him walk you home No, no don't, don't let him walk you home There's mischief in his makeup You're better off to do that walk alone No, I wouldn't if I were you, let him walk you home
You're all the time believing the very best in all But the devil was an angel, till he took a little fall Oh you keep your guard up for lurkers in the dark The day you let it down you're chased through the park
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