Cathy Davey – Little Red chords

Listen to the song and you will easily pick up the strumming pattern.
Use palm muting and all downstrums to make it sound effective.

Chords needed: G,Em,C,D.
Intro: G (x4) Verse; G,Em

G EmVerse: Hey i, I wouldnt let him in
G Em No i, i wouldnt, i wouldnt let him in
G Em His eyes are close together and he wears a toothy grin dont let him in
G Em No i wouldnt if i were you let him in
G X2 Ooooh ooooh,
Ooooo Ooooo
Em Oh, Oh, Oh,
Its the same chords throughout the verse..
Bridge: C Your all the time beleiving it wont happen to you
Em but i guarantee one evening or before the night is through
C always some wolf making out he's a pup
Em D Blow your house right down, gobble you up
Ooooh OoooH and so on X2 Lyrics may be wrong but you get the picture thats the chord layout of the song. Any comments or CONSTRUCTIVE criticism much appreciated. Thanks, peace :)
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