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Cfni – Because Of You chords

Though, i'm not sure if this is really right..feel free to correct it..thanks!and God bless

BECAUSE OF YOU-CFNI (in key of A) 

Intro: A A E F#m D 

A E-F#m-DNever before have I felt so alive
A E-F#m-DNever before have I thought I could fly
D-Bm-C#m-D-ANever before have I ever been so free
Coz being with you I now begin to see Pre-chorus
E C#m D EThat Your presence overwhelms me
A Bm Because of you I can dance
F#m DBecause of you I lift my hands
A Bm DBecause of you I can sing, I am free
A - F#m - E - DWe jump, and shout and dance in Spirit singing
There is freedom!
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