Cfni – You Are Good chords

You Are Good
Written by: CFNI

EI want to scream it out from every mountain top
AYour goodness knows no bounds, Your goodness never stops
C#M A Your mercy follows me, Your kindness fills my life
BYour love amazes me
EAnd I'll sing because You are good
AAnd I'll dance because You are good
C#m AAnd I'll shout because You are good
BYou are good to me
ENothing and no one comes anywhere close to You
AThe earth and ocean deep only reflect this truth
C#m A And in my darkest night You shine as bright as day
BYour love amazes me
C#m A And in a cry of praise my heart will proclaim
E BYou are good, You are good
C#m Ain the summer rain my heart celebrates
E BYou are good, You are good
Notes: This song is very very simple. It is hit and hold most of the song. These are just the basic chords charted in the Key of the artist that I heard this song from which is in E. If your a guy leading vocal, I would recommend transposing the song from E to G. This is a very good driving praise song. Have fun with it!! and God bless. Search Youtube for chord referencing. CFNI - You are Good.
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