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Chad Spriggs – Magnify The Lord chords

Magnify the Lord
Chad Spriggs 	/  Nate Hembree	      

ch  2x / vrs1 / vrs2 / ch / vrs2 / vrs 3 / inst / bridge  2x / ch 2x

G D You are here you are there
Em CYou are everywhere!
G D C C/DThe whole world can’t contain your Love
Verse 1
G D All the starts in the sky,
Em C All the days and the nights,
G D C C/DAll creation can’t contain your Love.
Verse 2
G D All worship and praise
Em C All the songs that we raise
G D C C/DAll that is can’t explain your Love.
Verse 3
G DAll beauty and love
Em C All the heavens above
G D C C/DAll love is alive in Jesus
Instrumental G D Em C G D C C/D Bridge
EmMagnify the Lord
CLift up and celebrate
EmMagnify the Lord
CLift up and celebrate
G D Em C G D C C/DHis Love, His Love for you, for me
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