My Obsession chords with lyrics by Chad Spriggs - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Chad Spriggs – My Obsession chords

My Obsession
Chad Spriggs  

v v pre ch v pre bridge ch ch 

E  B  C#m A Just acoustic through 1st vrs

EYou are my obsession
BMy one and only love
C#mIt hurts, It stings, I bleed
A E B C#m AIf I can’t see, I can’t see You
Pre Chorus:
C#m B A Here I Am send me
C#m B A I’ll die for You
C#m B A I’ll live for You
C#m B A I’ll do anything for You
C#m B A Preoccupation with your ways
C#m B A Fascinated by what you say
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