Chameleon Circuit – Blink chords


This is a great song, and I managed to work it out this evening so I thought I'd put it 
here for you all to have a look at. I'm not the best guitarist in the world (it's my 
tab) so it probably isn't 100% accurate, but I'm open for alterations/suggestions. :)


D FE|---------------------------------|B|-------3---------------1---------|G|---2-------2---2---2------3---3--|D|-0---0-------0---3---3------2----|A|---------------------------------|E|---------------------------------|
C GE|------------------------3--3--3--|B|-------1-------------------0--0--|G|-----0-----0---0-----------0--0--|D|---2-----3---2-------0-----0--0--|A|-3-----------------2-------2--2--|E|-----------------3---------3--3--|
D FSally Sparrow I wrote you a letter
C GTo make you feel better 'bout the fact that I'm gone
D FI may be stuck in the past but my future is vast
C GDon't go looking for me girl, you've got to go on
D FDon't think he's taking to you he's just on the TV
C GWell look past the Easter Egg and see the reality
D FA world of time and space inside a funny blue box
C G G GThe angels are approaching and the front door is locked
D F C GSo don't blink,
D F C GI said, don't blink
D FJust look directly at them and they'll stay where they are
C GI think they're crying anyway, they can't mean no harm
D FMy eyes are watering, I'm right on the brink
C GI'm sure nothing would happen if I were to-
[INTRO RIFF] [VERSE 2 - same riff as VERSE 1] The doctor isn't here this time this wont be a breeze He's stuck in 1969 on your DVDs Just listen very carefully to what he's got to say Do not turn your back on them and don't look away If they get inside the Tardis then the sun will go out Just go down to the cellar and show them what you're about They move faster than you could ever believe Don't let the light go out and don't be naive [BRIDGE] [CHORUS]
F DThe future's coming quickly so please don't be scared
C GThe answers will find you just make sure you're prepared
F DWhen you see the Doctor then you'll work out the link
C GBut even though its ended please be sure not to blink
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