Kiss The Girl chords with lyrics by Chameleon Circuit - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Chameleon Circuit – Kiss The Girl chords

Great Song, by a great band, about a graet show :) 
Chameleon Circuits album Still Got Legs is on sale now
I play this on piano because i can't play F# on guitar, but it should work on guitar too :)

A E F#Some people think the perfect fantasy is the girl next door
D ABut my dream girl has got the keys to my heart and home
EI never dreamed that in a million years
F# DShe'd settle for me.
A E This room's to let, I only advertised this morning,
F# D But here you are with three months rent and references that shine beyond
ETake me to my room, you said,
F#No time to lose, you said,
DAnd now you're making omelets and you ask me,
F# E"Who's that girl on the fridge"
D And I'm telling my life story,
EBut I guess she's too good for me.
A She's not my girlfriend,
E F#She's just a friend who's a girl,
DShe's my buddy, she's my best mate,
AShe rocks my world,
E F#I wanna tell her, but I just can't find the time,
Or find the words,
DOh, for God's sake, kiss the girl.
A E F# D
A E A quiet night in, but we won't even know you're here,
F#No phones, no interruptions,
D AMaybe now's my chance to tell her how I feel.
EBut now you're here and I can't think,
F# DSo why not stay and have a drink?
I don't mind if you don't mind. Do you want to stay? I don't mind. Great.
F# EAnd now she's going to live with monkeys,
DSee the world and disappear,
EAm I what's keeping her here?
AShe's not my girlfriend,
EShe's just a friend who's a girl,
F#She's my buddy, she's my best mate,
DShe rocks my world,
A E F#I wanna tell her, but I just can't find the time,
Or find the words,
DOh, for God's sake, kiss the girl.
A E F#I can't take this anymore.
D A I want you to go, cause you're talking to a cat,
E F# DAnd everybody loves you, and you're better than me at football and my job,
A EAnd now Sophie's all "Monkeys, monkeys, monkeys"
F# DYou're going to take her away from me.
A EAlright, I didn't want to do this,
F#But it might be the only way
D AThe world will end if you don't concentrate on why you want to stay.
E F# D So, Mr. Sofa Man, what's keeping you here?
I don't wanna leave,
I can't leave, F#
Sophie! DI love you, Sophie.
A EBut what about the monkeys?
F#Oh, not again, not when the world's about to burn,
DJust, for God's sake,
AKiss the girl.
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