Charlie Mcdonnell – Chemical Love chords

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by Charlie McDonnell (charlieissocoollike)
Tabbed by Tyler Swagar

Ukulele chords:

A E6 G Dmaj7 Dm A(ii) Fa------4-------4-------2-------4-------0-------0-------7e------5-------4-------3-------2-------1-------0-------4c------4-------4-------2-------2-------2-------1-------4g------6-------4-------0-------2-------2-------2-------4
C#7 F#m B7 E7 Da------2-------0-------2-------5-------5e------1-------2-------2-------4-------2c------1-------1-------3-------4-------2g------1-------2-------2-------4-------2
AFrom the moment that I saw you
E6Yeah, it had to be love
GGirl, I can't help but adore you
Dmaj7Knew you'd fit me like a glove
AWhat a life we have in store
E6To spend together and stuff
GYou're a beauty; what a cutie
Dmaj7It's undoubtably [sic] love
A E6 G Dmaj7 A E6 G Dmaj7It's undoubtably love
A E6My legs are going weak and my heart's beating fast
G Dmaj7I'm knowing I should speak to her, but I'm not sure what to ask
A E6I feel like my technique might not be up to the task
G Dmaj7But she's the love that I do seek and, hey, she's got a nice ass
Dm A(ii)And when she looks at me, I hope she'll feel the same
Dm FDue to the hormone that's released inside her brain
A C#7 F#m B7 Dmaj7 E7 ADopamine, do-o-o-o-o-pamine
A E6 D FIt's a catecholamine neurotransmitter
A E6 D FWhich means it sends a message in your brain
A E6 D FTo tell you that you think that girl you're looking at is fitter
A E6 D FTo make offspring with than any other dame
A E6And when she looks at me, yes, I can feel it beating
G Dmaj7I can tell from the shortness of my breath
A E6That my body has reacted to our wandering eyes meeting
G Dmaj7And the hormone's comparable to meth
Dm A(ii)But methamphetamine's a drug of which I'm clean
Dm FThough I can't say the same of dopamine
A C#7 F#m B7 Dmaj7 E7 ADopamine, do-o-o-o-o-pamine
A E6But dopamine's just one half of the tale
G Dmaj7The chemical that gets you in the mood
A E6There's another guy that you'll need to prevail
G D FIf you want to see your partner in the nude
G FDopamine is useless without norepinephrine
G FFocusing your efforts on one girl
G FTelling you that she's the one who's making your head spin
G FIf this were an oyster, then she'd be the pearl
A E6 G Dmaj7And so I lock eyes with this girl, ready for our love to unfurl
A E6 G FI just want to curl up to her, but she's looking at me like she's ready to hurl
Dm A(ii)I guess this lady doesn't feel the same
Dm A(ii)I thought there was a spark, but it didn't light the flame
Dm A(ii)But I still have the urge to ask her name
Dm FBut that's not me, that's the hormone in my brain
A E6 D F A E6 D F A E6 D F A E6 D FDopamine, dopamine, dopamine, dopamine
A E6 D F A E6 D FAnd don't forget norepinephrine, norepinephrine
A E6 D F A E6 D F A E6 F#m B7 Dmaj7 E7 ADopamine's best friend, norepinephrine, norepinephrine, norepinephrine
A E6From the moment that I saw her, yeah, I knew it was love
G Dmaj7Couldn't help but adore her; thought she'd fit me like a glove
A E6But it turned out that my thoughts were just impulses not enough
G Dmaj7To get this beauty's pretty booty; it's just chemical love
AIt's just chemical love
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