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Chris Tomlin – Party tab - chords

Chords by Brian Burns -
Author notes: Brand new Chris Tomlin song.
It debuted on the Passion: Everything Glorious worship album.
After each Bb powerchord there are palm mutes. That part is basically upto you.

Chords & sequences used:   F powerchord   133xxx
                           Bb powerchord  x133xx
                           x=palm mute
---Intro--- {sequence1 sequence2 x2} {sequence3 sequence2} {sequence1 sequence2} ---Verse--- F'p Bb'p x Gonna outshout the heavens now. F' Bb'p x Gonna sing loud and drown the sea out. F'p B'p F'p Gonna celebrate the life I found. I found. Bb'p x I'm found. F'p Bb'p x I was blind but now I see. F'p Bb'p x I was lost be He rescued me. F'p Bb'p x He saved the day and He set me free. F'p Bb'p Set me free, now I'm free. ---Chorus--- F'p We're gonna Bb'p Party F'p Bb'p I can feel it down inside F'p Bb'p Party F'p Bb'p I was dead now I'm alive ---Solo---
F'p Bb'p Anybody feel like dancing? F'p Bb'p Anybody feel like singing along? F'p Bb'p Anybody feel like shouting? F'p Bb'p Anybody feeling a party going on? Please note these are not official chords. They are just submissions from fans.
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