Chris Tomlin - Set Free tab version 1

Chris Tomlin
Set Free
From "Passion: Here For You"
Tabbed by thechadmiller (Twitter)

Capo 2

C - G - D

Verse 1
G                          Am
Joy, joy, unspeakable joy. Hope like never before
You came for us, You are our freedom

Verse 2
G                            Am
Love, love, unshakable love. We shall overcome, we will never give up
C                      Am         D
We lift a shout, we lift a shout, Everyone’s singing

Come on come on now, we’ve got a new song
Em                   C
Come on come on now, a song of liberty
Let the world hear heaven’s melody
Em                        C                         G
This is the shout of the hearts you’ve set free

Verse 3
True, true, we know its true. We stand now risen with you
You lifted us, You are our freedom

Verse 4
Strong, strong, whatever may come. You have already won
We lift a shout, we lift a shout, Everyone’s singing

Chorus x2
C - G - D - Em - C - G - D

Bridge x2
           C             G
And we’ll dance, dance, dance in Your freedom
D         Em              C       G          D                    C
Oh Your glorious freedom. Forevermore, forevermore (last time) forevermore

Chorus (drums only 1x), then full band, then Interlude, then Bridge to out

*Tabs are on the actual frets, not relative to the capo*

Play these notes with a delay and/or strumming the appropriate amount of 
times. Play it and you'll hear it. This is actually on the keys/synth, but
sounds good on the guitar (especially if you don't have a keyboard player!)

If you have any input or corrections, check out my blog for more info and let me know if you have any songs you need help with. God bless!
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