Chris Tomlin – Crown Him Majesty chords

Key of Db

Intro:  Bbm7   Gb(#4)  Db/F   Absus4

Verse 1:
Bbm7 Gb2Crown Him with many crowns
Db/F Absus4The Lamb upon His throne
Bbm7 Bbm/Ab Eb/G Absus4Hark! How the heavenly anthem drowns
Ab2 Eb Absus4All music but its own;
Db/F GbAwake my soul and sing
Eb/G Absus4 Of Him who died for me
Bbm7 Bbm/Ab Gb2 Db/FAnd hail Him as thy matchless King
Ebm7 Absus4 DbThrough all e - terni - ty.
Gb2 Db/FMajesty, Lord of all
Gb2 Bbm7 Absus4Let every throne before Him fall
Gb2 Db/FThe King of kings, O come adore
Ebm7 Db/F Absus4 DbOur God who reigns forever - more.
Verse 2:
Bbm7 Gb2Crown Him Lord of life
Db/F Absus4Who triumphed o'er the grave
Bbm7 Eb/G Absus4And rose victorious in the strife
Ab Eb Absus4For those He came to save;
Db/F Gb2His glories now we sing
Eb/G Absus4 Ab/GbWho died and rose on high
Bbm7 Bbm/Ab Gb2 Db/FWho died eternal life to bring
Ebm7 Absus4 DbAnd lives that death may die.
Gb Db/F Absus4All hail, Redeemer, hail
Db Db/F GbFor He has died for me
Ebm7 Db/F Bbm7 Absus4His praise and glory shall not fail
Gb2 Absus4 DbThroughout eterni - ty.
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