Chris Tomlin – Sovereign chords

Listen to the actual recording for certain repeated parts.  Enjoy!

Standard Tuning - Capo 2

G Em C Em D

GSovereign in the mountain air
EmSovereign on the ocean floor
CWith me in the calm
Em DWith me in the storm
GSovereign in my greatest joy
EmSovereign in my deepest cry
CWith me in the dark
Em DWith me at the dawn
G Em In your everlasting arms
CAll the pieces of my life
EmFrom beginning to the end
DI can trust you
G Em In your never failing love
CYou work everything for good
EmGod whatever comes my way
DI will trust you
Verse Chorus Bridge:
G C Em All my hopes, all I need
DHeld in your hands
G C Em All my life, all of me
DHeld in your hands
G C Em All my fears, all my dreams
DHeld in your hands
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