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Christian Bautista – So Its You tab

So It's You by Christian Bautista

   A  Dm  F#m  Esus  E

1st Stanza:
      A         D                  F#m
We smiled, and that`s how it all started
         C#M           F#M
And you came right in time
Bm              E
When I needed someone
D        C#m    F#m Bm           E      D        C#m  F#m7  Bm7
And you said hello suddenly my heart was beating fast

 E       A              C#m           FM7
So it`s you I`ve been waiting for so long
 E       F#m             E       Em  A7  
So it`s you where were you all alone
D            Ebdim               C#m          F#m
Very special moments these will always be with me
        Bm          E       A    
We are here you and I we belong 

(Repeat Intro)

2nd Stanza:(same as 1st Stanza)
We touched and we felt more beautiful
At two hands reaching out
Filled with so much longing
It felt good inside
There is no denying im inlove

(Repeat Chorus except last word)

      A  F

(Repeat Chorus, move chords 1 fret higher)

Gm      Cm          F       Bb
We are here you and I we belong

Played it by ear but it sounds so close...I love this song and it's a great song...if it
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