Christian Death - Skeleton Kiss tab

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				Christian Death
				 Skeleton Kiss

Transcribed by: John Mc Donagh

Riff A:e|-----------------------------------------------|B|-----------------------------------------------|G|-----------------------------------------------|D|---3-2---2---------3-2---2---------------------|A|-0-----3---3-2---0-----3---3-2-----------------|E|-----------------------------------------------|
Riff B:e|-----------------------------------------------|B|-----------------------------------------------|G|---3-2---2---------3-2---2---------------------|D|-0-----3---3-2---0-----3---3-2-----------------|A|-----------------------------------------------|E|-----------------------------------------------|
The Guitar bit is: Riff A (x2) Riff B (x1) Riff A (x1) Then it goes into power chords(A-Shape): A F E C B and at one point after doing the above does: A C D C B Note always the C and B at the end are palm muted. If anyone else outthere likes Christian DEath please e-mail me and we can work out some more songs... AlienSexFiendBabesInToylandBauhausNickCaveChristianDeathConcreteBlondeCreaming JesusDeathInJuneDeadCanDance ------------------------------------------ InDust JoyDivisionLoveAndRocketsNiN | -John Mc Donagh- -Nascent Virion- | Pixies MetallicaMinistryMarionettes | "I dress my tears in costumes." Rozz | Smiths NosferatuIggySexGangChildren | morpheus@maths | LeCure SisterhoodSistersTonesonTail ------------------------------------------ Siouxi CultShadowProjectSlfSonicYouthFieldsOfTheNephilimWhippingBoyRubiconByron Linda
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