Christian Death – This Is Heresy tab

This is Heresy (bass)
 			Christian Death
Bass: -------------------------------------------- ------3------------------------------------- --------------3-------4-------1------------- -1-1-----1-1-----1-1-----1-1-----1--4-3-4---
Funny I always found it easier to play this on one string like:
Playing to the live version on "The Heretics alive" this was fine, but playing along to the ver. on "SD&JC" I have to tune the E-string up a tone(ie Tune the E-string to F#). The guitar is then something like: E(XII) B(VII) C(VIII) A(V) G F# G(III) / / / / / / / / / / E(XII) B(VII) C(VIII) A(V) G(XV) / / / / / / / / / / Where E(XII) is E played as an F-barre chord at 12th fret. Again to play along to the record add a note to each of these(2 frets) ie F# C# D B A Ab A ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ -John Mc Donagh. ~~ {Nascent Virion} ~~ "I dress my tears in costumes.." ~~ "Trigger finger's itching -- Another moving target .." -Rozz Williams
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