Citizen Cope - Sideways tab version 1

Slight modification on the previous tabs out there. The Em that has been shown as: 

It should actually be brought down a string, so it should look like:
The whole song consists of 3 chord sets and they are as follows:
Intro and Verses: e|---x---x---x---x----|B|---x---x---x---x----|G|---0---0---0---0----|D|---5---7---7---7----|A|---7---5---6---5----|E|---x---x---x---x----|
Refrain(These feelings won't go away):e|---x---x---x------|B|---0---x---x------|G|---5---0---0------|D|---7---7---7------|A|---7---5---6------|E|---x---x---x------|
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