Citizen Cope – Sideways chords ver. 3

{title: Sideways}
{subtitle: Citizen Cope}

Em D B7/Eb D Ame|---x-----x-----x------x----0-|B|---x-----x-----x------x----1-|G|---0-----0-----0------0----2-|D|---5-----7-----7------7----2-|A|---7-----5-----6------5----0-|E|---x-----x-----x------x----x-|
[Em]You know it ain't easy [D]For these thoughts here to leave me [B7/Eb]There's no words to describe it [D]In French or in English [Am]`Cause diamonds they fade [Em]And flowers they [B7/Eb]bloom And I'm telling [D]you These feelings won't [Am]go away
They've been knockin' me [Em]sideways'They've been knockin' me [B7/Eb]out, babe
Whenever you come [D]around me These feelings won't [Am]go away
They've been knockin' me [Em]sidewaysI keep thinking in a [B7/Eb]moment that
Time will take them away[D] But these feelings won't go away... This version is Tabbed by: Leland Hirschman This version is based on Ver.4: Tabbed by: Ken Gillie That version had the right chord-voicings, but I feel like the wrong names were given to a couple of the chords. I also corrected a lyric or two. *Most* of the credit goes to Ken... I just did a wee bit of editorial work.
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