Citizen Cope – Sideways chords ver. 4

I have never posted a song before, but I have used this site regularly for
many years. After looking at all the versions here of this song and some of
the chord names were not right I decided it was time to put back. This how
I play it. The chord names are correct. Standard shapes. In my opinion it
sounds fuller. This just my interpretation of the song, but I think you will
find that you can play it dead on with the various versions of the song
you will find out there. And it is easier than trying to mute strings up
around the 5th-7th frets. The voicing is obviously different from the

One odd chord: A*= Aadd9 flat5  = x0120x

Sideways by Citizen Cope (aka Clarence Greenwood)  Easy Version

Intro: Em - Dsus2 - A* - Dsus2 2X

Em Dsus2You know it ain't easy For these thoughts here to leave me
A* Dsus2There're no words to describe it In French or in English
Am Em 'cause diamonds they fade
A* Dsus2And flowers they bloom And I'm telling you
Chorus: Am That these feelings won't go away
EmThey've been knockin' me sideways
A* They've been knockin' me out lately
Dsus2(When)ever you come around me
Am These feelings won't go away
EmThey've been knockin' me sideways
A*I keep thinking in a moment that
Dsus2Time will take them away
Am Dsus2~A*But these feelings won't go away...
Am Dsus2~A*These feelings won't go away
Repeat all again... Play the following 2X
Am Em A*'cause diamonds they fade And flowers they bloom
Dsus2 AmAnd I'm telling you I'm telling you
>Chorus 1X to end
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