Making A Difference chords with lyrics by City Harvest Church - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

City Harvest Church – Making A Difference chords

GWon’t You Lord
D EmTake a look at our hands
C GEverything we have
Am DUse it for Your plan
GWon’t You Lord
D EmTake a look at our hearts
C GMold it, refine it
Am DAs You set us apart
GWe want to run to the altar
EmAnd catch the fire
Am GTo stand in the gap
C DBetween the living and the dead
GGive us a heart of compassion
EmFor a world without vision
Am GWe will make a difference
C D GBringing hope to our land
Eb F GWe will answer the call
Eb F GTo build this church without walls
Eb F GLet Your glory be shown
Eb F G EbBring salvation to the lost
DTo the lost
Repeat Chorus
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