City Harvest Church – Secret Place chords

C G2/B Lord of my life, I love You
Am7 G/F F C/E Lord of my days, I trust in You
Dm7 F/G Am7Living beneath the shelter of Your wings
G7susMy heart's safe
C G2/B When I am lost, You find me
Am7 G/F F C/E When I'm in need, You shelter me
Dm7 F/G C CsusLord of my life, You are my secret place
Am7 Cmaj7/G Clothe me in Your presence Lord
F2 C2/E Draw me near to You
Dm F/C Bb2 G7sus GAll my heart, I long to give to You
Am Cmaj7/GLiving to be near You, Lord
F2 C2/EI long to see Your face
Dm7 F/G C CsusLord forever You're my secret place
C Csus C Csus You're my peace
C Csus C DmYou're my rest
C2/E F2 C/G G C CsusYou're my se - cret place
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