City Harvest Church – How Much Do I Love You chords

G D/F#I’ve ever wondered, how much I love You
Em7 AEvery day I stand in Your presence
DGiving all to You
G D/F#I never want to be far away from You
Em7 AWhen I go astray, I find Your love
DReaching out to me
G A/GJesus I’m in love with You
F#m BmJesus I’m in love with You
Em7Take me deeper
A D / Em7 / | D/F# / / D |Deeper in love with You
G A/GJesus I want more of You
F#m BmJesus I want more of You
Em7Draw me closer
A DCloser to Your heart
Em7 A/C#How much do I love You
So much that
F#m F# BmMy heart can’t live without
Em7 AHow much do I want You
So much that
DI’ll give my life for You
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