Clash – Wrong Em Boyo tab

The Rest is Upstroke, Listen for note changeE---------------------------------|B---------------------------------|G-----------5555----------7777----|D-55555555--5555--5555----7777----|A-55555555--3333--5555----5555----|E-33333333--------3333------------|
____________________________________________________________ E D Stagger Lee met Billy and C they got down to gambling E Stagger Lee throwed seven D C G Billy said that he throwed eight E D C So Billy said, "hey stagger! I'm gonna make my big attack E D C I'm gonna have to leave my knife in your back Start all over again! Chord Progression for rest of Song G 6x C 2x G 2x D 2x First Verse G Why do you try to cheat and trample people under your feet C Don't you know it is wrong To cheat a trying man G Don't you know it is wrong To cheat a trying man D So you better stop, it is the wrong 'em boyo
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