Clay Aiken – The Way tab


Verse 1 A D2 We believe that Jesus You are God F#m7sus D2 You reign in Heaven and You reign on earth E F#m7sus For You came to make a way for us D2 E You opened up the door of grace Bmsus D2 Jesus its ur name we proclaim Chorus A Bmsus For You are the way that's everlasting F#m7sus D2 Giving it all to set us free A Bmsus The Truth,the Life, the One G You are the Way Verse 2 A D2 We won't look to the left or the right F#m7sus D2 You are the One we fix our eyes upon E F#m7sus For we run the race before us now D2 In You we find our great reward Bmsus D2 Jesus it's Your name we proclaim Back To Chorus Bridge Intro A, E, A, E, A, E,A A, E, A, E, A, E,A Bridge D2 A2 E F#m7sus Hallelujah D2 A2 E Hallelujah Back To Chorus End with Intro. Praise God!
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