Clay Aiken – 1000 Days tab

  1000 days - Clay Aiken
Tabbed by: Loretta

This song is from Clay's upcoming album "a thousand different ways".  I'm currently

addicted to the song and can't stop listening to it.  This is my second tab, and this is as

accurate as i could get, and please feel free to email me if there's anything I could

improve, or just drop a comment, i would really appreciate it. I hope you fellow claymates

would like it :)

Tuning: NormalIntro:e|-----0-2---4---------------------------------------------------------------|B|---0------------4--------4--5----0-----0--2--0----0-----0----5--4----------|G|----------------------4------------------------2---------------------------|D|-------------------6-------------------------------------------------------|A|----------------4-------------4-----0-------------2--2---------------------|E|-0-------0-----------------------------------------------------------------|
E C#m B A Through my eyes, I have seen the world start spinning like a ball B E Stars light up and then fall, for you C#m B A So then what's a man like me supposed to do? G#m A B If I gave you the moon would you notice that I'm right beside you? E a Well now a thousand days, a thousand nights are not enough E A 'Cause I can't hold back the way I feel about my love C# B Won't let it go, won't let it go E A And if the angels came I'd fight them back to win your soul E A And when everything was said and done they'd go back home C#m B They oughta know, they oughta know A7 That you're mine all mine (For verse 2, repeat above chords) In my world, you're the sun that shines and lights up evening skies Clearing up the horizon Hold on. Come with me and I will never let you down Oh, and in this love we'll drown, this I promise you 'Cause they can't hold us down C#m B I would do anything, just believe it C#m A Your love means everything and I need it A B Your heart won't lie, reach out for mine Outro: repeat intro | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note ===============================================================================
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