Cooper Alice - Lost In America tab

Lost in America
by Edwin Mccain

G: 320033
C: x32033
Em: x22033
D: xx0232
Am: x02210
A: x02220
G/B: x20033
G/Bb: x10033

*Chords for verses are the same

Intro:  G C G C

Verse 1:  
Oh well Iíve made a small fortune selling used cars
And its buried out back in a cookie jar
I raise a toast to senior escabar 
    C                  D
For giving me a pot to piss in

Well I ran a little scam until ninety two
Now Iím hanging round here for something to do
I just keep talking till Iím blue
To anyone whoíll listen

          Em      D     C
Yes weíre lost in America
         Em         D        C
And this land weíre so proud of
              Em                  D                     
Weíve got the cars, the girls, the money, 
             C                   A
the drugs to get you out of your rut
          C       D       G
Yes weíre lost in America

Verse 2:

She got a brand new lease on an Escalade
And a bumper sticker about a whale to save
And she burning up gas like they gave it away
At least her kidís on the honor roll

She got a handful of pills to improve her mood
Liposuction,  big fake boobs
Got a Mexican maid that brings the food
The birdcage made of gold



Am           D
Iím dropping out
    Am                D
And Iím quitting this game
         C               G/B                  Em                G/Bb
Yes Iím washing my feet, I turn off my phone, changing my name, Hitting the road
C                 G/B                  C                              D
Donít really know where Iím gonna go, but Iím getting the hell out of here
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