Coral – Not So Lonely tab


Guitar1 Guitar 2e-------5----10--8--6--5----- e-----------------|B-----6-------------------6-- B---1---1---1-----|G-------5----10--9--7--5----- G----2h3-2h3-2----|D-----7-------------------7-- D-----------------|A---------------------------- A-----------------|E---------------------------- E-----------------|
CHORDS F Today Am when love has slipped away Gm thats when i picture you Dm standing on the shore Gm and ill my sorrow Am oh how they disappear Gm F Gm and i don't, feel so lonely, anymore... F Tomorrow Am when It seem so far away Gm thats when i recall Dm the way it was before Gm and all my tears Am they will turn to sand Gm F and i won't, feel so lonely, anymore... Gm Am and the light Gm Am it keeps on guiding me Dm back to the memories Am Gm of when i held you there Am GM oh when i held you there Am Dm when i held you, on the shore... Gm A#m F Now i don't, feel so lonely, any more... not sure about the last line...
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