Counting Crows – Have You Seen Me Lately tab

Have You Seen Me Lately?
Words and Music by Adam F. Duritz
As performed by Counting Crows on Vh1’s Storytellers
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Chords used


0=capoed fret

Main “riff” played throughout the verses

then after 4x play
repeat until chorus which is: C Am D I was out on the radio starting to change somewhere out in G america C Am D it’s raining, won’t you tell me one thing you remember G about me C Am D G remember about me Verses: 1. Get away from me, get away from me, this isn’t gonna be easy, but i don’t need you beleive me,Yeah you gotta peice of me, just a little peice of me i don’t need anyone these days, to feel like i’m fading away, sometimes when i hear myself on the radio, have you seen me lately? have you seen me lately? have you seen me lately? (chorus) 2. I remember me, all the little things that make up a memory, she says she loves to watch me sleep, she said it’s breathing, it’s the breathing in and out and in and oh, have you seen me lately? have you seen me lately? have you seen me lately? (chorus) 3. I thought ,that someone would notice, i thought someone would say something if i was missing, can’t you see me, come on, cover me in, come on cover me in, come on, come on, come on, give me a blue ring, give me a black scott, give me those green eyes, give me the white skin, give me your white skin, give me your white skin (chorus) Crows at their best (opinion)
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