Cranberries – Dreams tab ver. 2

Tabbed by Charles Celestino (

Tunning: Standard Tunning ( E A D G B e)

Intro: Eb-Ab-Bb-Eb-; (2x)

Eb     Ab                   Bb
All my life is changin' everyday,
every possible way
Eb           Ab                         Bb
Through my dreams is never quite as it seems,
As it seems
Eb                       Ab
I know I felt like this before
 but now I feel it even more
because it came from me

Chorus 1:
Eb                 Ab
When I open up it seems the person
You find and here is me
A different way to be

La. . . F#-B-La. . .
Eb Ab Bb I want more, possible to ignore, Eb Possible to ignore Eb Ab And they'll come true, possible Bb Eb Not to do, possible not to do Eb Ab And now I tell you openly, you have my heart so don't hurt Bb Eb me, you're what I can't avoid Chorus 2: Eb Ab Totally amazing mind so Bb understanding and survive in Eb everything to do Eb Ab Bb All my life is changin' everyday, Eb Every possible way Eb Ab And though my dreams is never Bb Quite as it seems 'cos you're a Eb Dream to me, dream to me Coda: Eb-Ab-Bb-Eb-; (3x) Eb--- La. . . La. . . La. . . La. . .
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