Crash Test Dummies – My Own Sunrise tab

Artist: Crash Test Dummies
Title: My Own Sunrise
Tabbed by: Unknown

 (D)When we met it was in the (G) hot green (C) jungle  (G)
 (D)Your perfect flesh impervious to (G) anything (C)fungal (G)
 (D)You would sweat (Em) coconut milk
 And(C)i'd lie awake, (G) restless with(D)the heat there in the 

 (C)Dawn would (G) come 
 (D)And I would start to (Em) feel my own sunrise 
 but(C) you'd just (G)lie,(C) sleeping  (G)

And so we went away in search of gentler breezes 
When we arrived I longed to lie and rustle in your grasses
But you would not permit me to retire there 
None but a fly might settle on the meadow of your leg


Then we moved until we reached the tundra in the winter
Of course I longed to kiss her frosty teeth in the cold air 
But now I'v grown bloated on seal fat 
Not even flies might settle on the meadow of her leg

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