This Time Around chords with lyrics by Cross Canadian Ragweed - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Cross Canadian Ragweed – This Time Around chords


Intro: G D Em C x2

Verse 1
G DI used to be crazy, yeah they called me a fool
Em CI guess I wasnt myself, back when I wanted you
G DI see you comin round again, that same look in your eyes
Em CId have to be crazy, to fall again for your lies
Em C G DI'm gonna break these chains around my broken heart
Em C G D You could of had it once but you tore it all apart
C Em Am G I'm gonna throw your lying eyes over my left shoulder
C Em D C D GNot gonna let you wear your crown, this time around
Verse 2
G DNo, I can't stay a little longer, I gotta be on my way
Em CI've heard a thousand times, everything you have to say
G DI'll show myself to the door and I'll turn out your lights
Em C I'll get in my car, and you'll be alone again tonight
Repeat Chorus Bridge
Em DNever thought I'd be so cold, what'd you expect me to do
Em CCan't put it all on hold, I learned it all from you
Repeat Chorus G D Em C x2
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