Anachronism chords with lyrics by Crywolf - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Crywolf – Anachronism chords

G Am C Your ghosts are real
G Am CI feel them in my lungs
G Am CBreathe them in and out as I
G Am CBreathe you in and out as I'm...
[Verse 1]
G EmResting on your bones
CBowing to your throne
G Em CI wanna see what you see in the comfort of your skull
G Em CI’m rising and I’m falling and I’m losing all control
G EmNever feel again
C GNever see your faults
[Instrumental Break] Em C G (x8) [Verse 2]
EmI’m weaker than you know
CFading just below
G Em CScreaming out with concrete sounds, I’m losing all control
G Em CAnd I could be the fire inside of your collapsing home
G Em C GI could be the storm that tears down everything you hold
[Really Dramatic Instrumental Break] Em C G (x8) [Bridge] Em G C
G EmI remember when
C GYou were just a breeze upon my face
Em C G All of my regrets had gone away
Em C GIt was nothing more, nothing more than you
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