Windswept chords with lyrics by Crywolf - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Crywolf – Windswept chords

[Verse 1]
Bb C Dm BbOn that night under the staircase
Bb C Dm Am BbOur arms drifting down
Bb C Dm BbYour kiss made me a believer
Bb C Dm F BbCleansed my sins somehow
CI'd be what you need
Dm C BbI'd keep you inside my fortress
CHand you the keys
Dm C F BbLeave you to roam these walls
CBut you tore down the keeps
BbI returned to find ruins
C Dm C F Bb F BbYou left all my love in the rubble with these walls
BbBut in my head
DmI am still there
I can still feel you
BbBreathing slow
Dm AmI've known this dream for a long time
[Verse 2]
Bb CIn the air
DmSuspended here
BbWith thousands of words we've spoken
Can I soar?
DmUp through the clouds?
F Bb DmLeave all of this behind?
Am Bb Dm Am(I'm leaving all this behind)
BbBut in my head
DmI am still there
I can still feel you
GmBreathing slow
Dm CI've known this dream for a long time
[Verse 3]
BbAll alone
DmI feel your breath
I hear your whispers
GmDark like storms
Dm C DmTelling me, "Dear, I'll never leave your mind"
Bb F Bb Gm Dm Bb Dm Dm Bb Gm Dm C G Dm [Verse 4]
(Dm) BbAnd you've been there all along
GmTugging me, pulling me down
DmTouching him, holding him close
C DmYou've made your home
BbAnd I see your face through his eyes
GmWith every move of your hips
You're breaking my bones
Dm C BbWhile holding me hostage
(Bb) GmCould I still love you?
(Gm) DmThough my arms are breaking
C BbCould we still be alone?
(Bb) GmDo I still know you?
(Gm) Gm sus2 Fsus2 DmAre you still my answer?
(Dm) C F Fsus2 BbTo the question I've asked since I was born
(Bb) Gm C Dm C Am Dm Bb Gm Dm C Bb C Gm Dm C Bb (Bb) C Dm Bb Bb
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