Current-93 – Idumea Ft Marc Almond chords

Idumea ft. Marc Almond - Current 93
from 'Black Ships Ate the Sky'


Standard tuning: EADGBe


Am (x02210)
C  (x32010)
G  (320033)

Arpeggio (listen to the song)

Intro: Am - C - G - Am

Am C AmAnd am I born to die?
CTo lay this body down!
G C Am GAnd must my trembling spirit fly
Am C AmInto a world unknown?
A land of deepest shade, Unpierced by human thought The dreary regions of the dead, Where all things are forgot. Soon as from earth I go What will become of me? Eternal happiness or woe, Must then my portion be! Waked by the trumpet sound, I from my grave shall rise; And see the Judge with glory crowned, And see the flaming skies!
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