Current-93 – Blood Bells Chime tab

Current 93 - The Blood Bells Chime (All the pretty little horsies)
Tabbed by Florian CATEL (Helio87)

Em7/G 320000
Am7/F 13x213 (F variant)

Am7/F        Em7/G       Am        Em
Sell all you have give it to the kittens
And pour the milk on Louis' grave
And Catland sometimes called Pussydom
Opens for you instantly it's the inmost light!
It's the inmost light
Somewhere over the rainbow
On the goodship lollipop

Bridge : Bm G (355433)


Bass progression (for picking) :

Only the first chord is "hard" to connect, the bridge too (you need to be synchronized). is easy ;) /That's all folks !/
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