Current Swell - Long Time Ago tab

Long time Ago

G Ce-------------------------------------------------|b-------------------------------------------------|g--------0--0-------------------------------------|repeat x3.d-----0h2--2--0----0h2-2-0h2-2-0h2-2-0------------|a--0h2-----------3--------------------------------|e-3-----------------------------------------------|
then D/Ame--------------------------------------------------|b----------0------------------ 0-3--0--------------|g------0h2---2-0-----------0h2--------2---0--------|d---0h2-----------2----0h2-------------------------|a-0------------------3-----------------------------|e--------------------------------------------------|
Verse: strum G, Strum C, Strum G, Strum C, strum G, Strum C, a few down strokes on Am, a few down strokes on C, then back to the melody above when it returns to G. It`s not perfect, there`s a few transitional notes I can`t pinpoint when they change from the G to C parts.Hopefully someone else can build off this and figure those out. Wicked band, one of my favorites. Enjoy.
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