Cute Is What We Aim For – Time chords

I was messing around listening to CIWWAF and I heard Time start playing.  I love the 
and for some reason just HAD to write some chords for it (weather it sounds good or not)
First tab, so whatever you know.

Intro (C,Am, Dm, F)

CThe roads are wrapped around your waist
AmThey lead me place to place
DmI take trips from hip to hip
FIn fact I've made a career out of it
C AmI've always thought the left was your strongest side
DmBut when it comes to you now I can't decide
FIt's only a matter of time
CI need the product of your fears in the form of tears
AmIt's the only way I can survive
DmIt breaks my heart to see you crying baby
FIt's the only way I'll stay alive
C AmGreen eyes, blue skies
Dm FNatural disasters when she cries
C AmGreen eyes, they're mine
Dm F AmIt's only a matter of time
Dm F CIt's only a matter of time
C Am DmLike the climate you never know what weather you get
F CNo denying you're the habit that I can't quit
Am Dm FIt's only a matter of mine
DmI'm shaking
FI hope you turn around in time
AmTide is changing
DmI'm waiting
FBut you and I are one of a kind
C AmI've been to both hemispheres over my short years
Dm FI still can't pick my favorite place
CThe contour of your lips
AmThey match the continents
Dm FAnd I still love the way that you taste
(Chorus the same time end.)
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