Cute Is What We Aim For - Time tab

Here is a my version of the song expressed in power chords and such.


e|---------|---------|---------|---------|B|-----2---|-----2---|-----2---|-----2---|G|---1---1-|---1---1-|---1---1-|---1---1-|D|-0-------|---------|---------|---------|A|-------- |---------|---------|-0-------|E|---------|-1-------|-2-------|---------|
Pre Chorus:
Chorus: "I need the product of your fears in the form...." (you can just let the chord ring or strum)
Okay well of course there is another verse and chorus or whatever but here is the bridge Bridge: "Rotating i'm shaking i hope you turn around in time..." Should probably strum these chords or palm mute whatever sounds best to u.
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