Caamp – Wunderbar chords

[Verse 1]
DDon't say you love me
GIf it's only cause you've run out of
DBetter things to say
Don't pretend you know me I haven't shown you anything
G DBesides the clothes I wear in the light of day
[Refrain 1]
AAnd I wait for my true love
GShe is sailing on an emerald green ocean
DSo far away
AAnd I wait
For the day that she takes my hand
GAnd comes to shore and shows my heart
DIts rightful place
[Solo] D G G D D D D D [Verse 3]
DStandin' on the notion that we're not in this together
G DWe'll only end up getting us all killed
As soon as you can realize that we're all birds of a feather
G DAnd the fox is in the White House on the hill
[Refrain 2]
AYou can wait for your whole life
On the man who said he'd save you
G DI can't speak to the times of late
AOr you can go out into the world
And wrap your arms around all
GThe wunderbar
DLove and grace
[Instrumental Interlude] D Bb Bb D D Bb Bb D [Outro]
DLove and grace is what we need
D GLove and grace is what we need
D DLove and grace is what we need
N.C. DLove and grace is what we need
A G DWhat we need
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