Alphabet Soup chords with lyrics by Catnaps - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Catnaps – Alphabet Soup chords

ARemember when I told you to feed your dog
F#mAlphabet soup if you wanted him to speak he was
DA husky with one blue eye
EAnd the other brown like dirt on the ground
AHe used to terrorize and chase my orange tabby
F#mUntil we fell off the bed onto the carpet laughing
DI watched you turn into a whisper
EAnd I wanted to hear you so I thought I'd come closer
A A/G# F#m D EYou told me that when I grow up I'll be just like my mother
A A/G# F#m D EI think you thought it'd be insulting but why's it so bad to smother
DEverything (everything)
EAnd everyone (everyone)
A F#m D EYou love with affection and say things like you mean them
ARemember when you said that you liked poetry
F#mYou had a bad habit and it forced you to condense things
DYou made sure your words never left a trace
EYou prayed they'd slip through cracks on sidewalks and holes in lace
AYou were 10 years old when you were in a state spelling bee
F#mYou misspelled Antarctica and you said it was embarrassing
DYou knew your parents would never let you live it down
EYou walked away from the podium tears staining shaky hands
A A/G# F#m D EI didn't mean to make you the receiver
A A/G# F#m D EOf my miseries now you're thinking how can I leave her
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