Trees And Houses chords with lyrics by Catnaps - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Catnaps – Trees And Houses chords

[Verse 1]
E AI painted a box with trees and houses
E AI kept all your secrets in there cause if I didn't I was afraid I might tell them
B A EAnd when they escaped you said you were mad
B A ECause now the whole wide world knows it was you who made me this sad
F#m BI wondered how
F#m BLove was allowed
F#mTo destroy those
B EWho dared to look it's way
[Verse 2]
E ACamille suggested I start collecting something like teddy bears
E BSo instead of hugging a grudge i'd have them to hold when you're not here
B A ECause they don't get drunk and sing at karaoke bars
B A EThey're hardly ever trashed and they never crash my car
[Bridge] A B E A B E A B E F#m A B E [Verse 3]
A B EBroken bottles of beer laying on your carpet
A B EYour mother would hate it if she were here if she saw this
A B EBut she's not so don't stop it
A B B A B ECause you always love me when you're drinking and I love it when you love me
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